Kitty stamtavle

Kleinspitz & Mittelspitz

Minigården Kennel

Melody Style Gotik Ice Candi

Født: 30.06 2013

Farge: party

Høyde: 25 cm



Char's Parti Marho Man

Rus Haus Vorhu White Ultra White Queen

Char's Meant To Be A Parti

Char's Red Neck Parti Woman

Xin Chan Wei Of Chiao Li Ya

Dorsdorf Mirabel Aisfild

Finch's Char's Spellbound Parti

Finch's Char's Rumor Of A Parti

Oakrose Let Freedom Reign

Finch's Parti Gone Country

Taiwan Bai Fu Of

Chiao Li Ya

Herold Of Chiao Li Ya

Dorsdorf Elf White

Dorsdorf Loleta Sherman